Please do the following before submitting a request for login help from one of our sites:

1. Use the password reset link found on the login page. All of the login pages will have a link that says something along the lines of 'Forgot Password'.

2. Check your Inbox, Spam folder, Trash folder and Promotions folder. 

3. If you have more than one email address and don't remember which one you used, please try using one of those.

4. Some of the sites have a Capcha or another form of verifying you're not a robot. You will need to make sure you provide the correct answer before being able to login.

5. If you have up to 5 failed login attempts, you will be locked out and not able to login for 1 hour.

If you have followed those 5 steps and still have issues after being locked out for more than 1 hour, then proceed to submit a request.